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Death Doula Support

Our team of certified Death Doulas offers specialized end-of-life support to provide a death of prestige. 

At Journey Home, our private Death Doula Supports creates a space for a death ceremony so that the dying warrior can feel like a king or queen in their final moments.

Death Ceremony 

Death ceremonies offer our loved ones an inquisitive end of life to mark the significance of a well-lived life; it is our final way to show them respect, honour, deep appreciation, and love.

Our Death Doulas are experts in creating a beautiful space for those on their deathbed to be comfortable and for their loved ones to experience a peaceful and more dignified death.

Imagine that in the final moments of life, your loved one is bathed with lavender or rose water, dressed in a beautiful outfit that reflects their unique style, and they have their hair, nails, and makeup done.

The room is filled with sounds of nature, favourite music, laughter, poems or prayers.

The smells are of the sweetness of candles, incense, flowers or perfume.

The sheets on the bed are of choice: flannel, silk, or Egyptian thread count. 

The pillow is soft, and the blanket or covering is of pure radiance or memory. 

Our Death Doula's create a symphony of the senses, allowing the 

final moments on this earth to be of beauty, peace and ease.

A death plan will be created before the active dying process begins, and our Death Doulas will know how to set the space, care for the dying, support loved ones and know exactly how the final moments will be experienced.

A planned death is a death of honour - allow Journey Home the opportunity to create

a dying space that reflects the dying warrior.

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