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Empowered Living is with the intention that we all come to a place in life and embrace our experiences with radical acceptance and love.  We at Journey Home understand that life has painful moments, and what we do in these moments shapes us and our community.

We offer community support that will guide you to live fully in a deeper connection to yourself in these experiences while creating relationships with others.


Community Gathering Supports 

Journey Home is a compassionate community that supports each other during change, challenge and loss.

Share in your Loss Circle

Journey Home offers you a safe space to process and learn to live with grief.

If you are feeling the heaviness of grief; confused, overwhelmed, hopeless, anger and love, know you are welcome here.

Led by a certified grief counsellor who holds space from compassion and understanding.


10 to 11 am

Drop-In | By Small Donation

Pallative Diagnosis Support 

A  group for those with a palliative diagnosis who seek to express their fears, frustrations, and emotions while feeling supported on their journey.

A palliative diagnosis can be overwhelming and exhausting at times Journey Home is here to guide you through.


12:30 to 1:30 pm
Drop-In I By Small Donation

Death Cafe

A Death Café is a group-directed discussion of death and dying; creating a safe space to encourage and normalize conversations about the one truth we all share, but that few wish to talk about.

If you are fearful, curious, and with ease about death and dying, please join us in an open dialogue about death.

Third Sunday of Every Month

(March 17, April 21, May 19)

Drop-In | By Small Donation

Caregiver Support 

Shifting from wife/husband, child, and friend to caregiver is challenging; often confusing and overwhelming while navigating, advocating and organizing medication and treatment.

If you are feeling exhausted, a loss in sense of self while experiencing anticipatory grief.

Come sit with other caregivers to

feel supported.


Third Tuesday of the Month

(March 19, April 16, May 21, June 18)

 11:15 to 12:15 pm

Drop-In | By Small Donation

Tea Time
Women Empowering Women

Each month, we celebrate an empowered woman who evolved from change, challenge, and loss.

Listen to their story to be inspired by the opportunities life offered them and hear how they moved through them and met them with courage. We all have a story, and when we share our story, we heal ourselves and heal others.

**Will Resume October 6

Drop-In | By Small Donation

Wise in our Ways
Education Series

This monthly education series empowers us in a natural act of life we will all go through—when we learn our end-of-life options, we can make informed choices.

Our monthly presenters will offer support and guidance; when we are knowledgeable - we choose from love, ease and personal power.

Our deaths become our own - Our deaths become beautiful.

Third Wednesday of the Month

(April 17 and May 22)

Drop-In | By Small Donation

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