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Conversations about death and dying can be difficult and uncomfortable. Many people experience death anxiety and have emotional turmoil at the thought of their mortality.

Here, you will find several booklets to help you start the conversation.
Click on the PDF to read the booklet.

Support and Resources

Welcome to our support and resources page.

Here, you will find helpful information booklets to help you navigate conversations about death and dying.

We hope that with these free resources, you or your loved ones can make informed decisions by knowing all your options at the end of life.

Understanding MAiD.pdf

MAiD aims to enable people to have a peaceful death rather than a painful or prolonged dying process. Click on the PDF to read more.

How to Create a Beautiful Death Booklet.pdf

A beautiful death creates a space from love, compassion, and honour of a life lived.
Having a beautiful death, is a death with a plan.
Click on the PDF to read more.

Final Form and Resting Place Booklet.pdf

Grieving Mindful Booklet.pdf

We die because we lived, and we grieve because we love.
Click on the PDF to read more.

“It's the not the Destination, It's the journey.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 
Yet, at this moment in time, it is about the destination. 
When you imagine your final resting place, options such as a casket or urn probably come to mind. However, there are new ways of choosing your destination. Click on the PDF to read more.

An Honouring of a Life Lived Booklet.pdf

An Honoring of a Life Lived is an end-of-life event held to show respect, and gratitude to celebrate your loved one’s life, rather than remember their death. Click on the PDF to read more.

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