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Palliative Doula Services 

Journey Home understands that there are unique needs at the end of life.
Our Palliative Doulas show up with a deep connection to each client, their family and loved ones.

We listen to your concerns, frustrations, and fears about this transition.
We help you navigate the medical system, guide you through end-of-life logistics, and ensure that all additional needs are organized. 

Dying is the last thing one will do; it is the ultimate surrender as one relinquishes a sense of control and softens to the moment and knows we have the opportunity to go through this with warmth, love and comfort.  

Death is a life event which should be held in the hands of love.

Palliative Doula services are free and are offered in homes, hospices, hospitals, and long-term care facilities.



Services We Offer 

Life Reflections 

This is an opportunity to contemplate life and death and share fears and worries about death and dying. Our doulas are trained and educated to guide easing death anxiety and find peace and love at the end of life. The months and weeks before end of life offer an opportunity to look back and understand what our life has been about.
Compassionate Listening 

We all have a story, with experiences, celebrations, wisdom and sorrow, which we often need to share at end of life. Our doulas listen, write letters to loved ones, create a small legacy project, and be there when loved ones can't.
Peace of Mind Planning 

We leave a plan and a roadmap for our family and friends. By arranging our information and assets and planning our advanced death care, we allow ourselves peace of mind. We also allow our loved ones to grieve fully without feeling overwhelmed or worried that something has been forgotten because anything they need to know is all here in the Peach of Mind Planner.
Creating a Peaceful Space 

The final months, days, and hours should be comfortable while experiencing the
'Symphony of the Sensations.' As loved ones, we can create a beautiful space of smells, sounds, touch, and sights. 
We offer suggestions and support loved ones in creating a space that reflects and honours their needs at the end of life.  

MAiD Support 

Review of the MAiD process

Discussion and review of end-of-life options when choosing MAiD, assistance filling out and filing forms, and creation of a death ceremony plan.

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